We are a recognized leader in applying simulation technology to business problems
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We specialize in analyzing, visualizing, and disseminating key findings from big data
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Our approach combines learning algorithms with simulation to help drive intelligent optimization
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By working closely with the client team we help drive innovation and actionable insights
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The Lexidyne team combines industry-leading facilitation, research, and technical skills with powerful visualization, analytic, and simulation tools to provide our clients with a unique level of insight into how dynamic systems are likely to change over time.

Our mission is to help clients make better decisions by understanding system design, integrating widely available (but often underutilized) data, and leveraging internal and external knowledge using a consistent framework.

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Medicare Eligibility Growth

The number of individuals age 65 and older in the USA is expected to grow by nearly 8 million between 2014 and 2020. This represents a 20% growth in the Medicare eligible population.
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