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Patient Based Forecasting

Lexidyne integrates a simulation of patient flows with treatment dynamics to provide a virtualized product forecast over time.

Product Attribute Selection Algorithm

Lexidyne's proprietary artificial intelligence engine is capable of generating attribute based selection algorithms for the forecasting of new product uptake or in line share trends.

Health Economics Outcomes

By integrating specific outcomes such as hospitalizations, ER visits, and ambulatory visits with treatment dynamics Lexidyne can quantify the total cost of treatment for individual therapies.

Payer Contracting

A virtualization of payer contracting strategies allows for the rapid evaluation of cost/benefit of rebates and formulary status.

Oncology Market Segmentation

Lexidyne's Oncology simulation approach was featured in an ASCO poster presentation in 2011, and focuses on aggregate population lifetime treatment dynamics derived from SEER, GloboCan, and Census Bureau data.

Product Marketing Models

Virtualization of patient based treatment dynamics provides the source and loss of business by key segmentation for the identification and enhancement of marketing strategies.

Portfolio Simulation

Lexidyne's ability to integrate multiple products or assets into the same simulation timeline allows for portfolio evaluations that may include efficient frontier and real-options analysis.

International Forecasting

By evaluating the unique genetic, demographic, and treatment dynamics of various countries our forecasting models can capture the nuances of market dynamics across the world.

Talent Management

Human Resources Management

Talent management simulation helps leaders evaluate human resource evaluation, recruitment, management, and advancement for improved efficiency and development of talent.


Discovery and Development Portfolio

By simulating the portfolio of discovery and development opportunities alongside finite resources under uncertainty it becomes possible to identify real-options strategies and efficient frontiers that reflect specific strategies that will provide not only the best expected outcome, but the best distribution of outcomes under uncertainty.

Holistic Market Simulation

The holistic integration of a market allows for multiple factors to be included in the same simulation timeline to evaluate the impact of environmental factors, substitution effects, government policy, and other externalities.

Logistics Simulation and Optimization

By creating a virtualization of an entity's operations it becomes possible to quantify the cost and revenue drivers and identify points of improvement through advanced optimization under uncertainty.

Consumer Preference Dynamics

Through the evaluation of survey data Lexidyne has the ability to determine how population segments will react to novel or differentiated energy options to help determine the uptake of new energy sources and the implied substitution effect on existing energy sources.


Production Distribution Optimization

By evaluating the potential locations for production against the backdrop of local labor costs, raw materials, logistics, and tariffs the optimal distribution of product production for target markets can be identified.

Market Forecasting Simulation

Lexidyne couples buyer preference measures with the available market feature set to produce anticipated purchasing behavior. Additionally, existing inventory dynamics such as substitution effects related to the used car market are also incorporated into the dynamic.

Consumer Goods

Consumer Preference Forecasting

Through the evaluation of virtualized shopping experiences Lexidyne is able to determine the expected share of consumer products in the marketplace. This evaluation integrates a projected demographic to the national level and integrates existing distribution metrics to forecast at the regional level.

Lexidyne has developed groundbreaking solutions to provide valuable insight in the following industries:

• Pharmaceutical
• Talent Management
• Energy
• Automotive
• Consumer Goods

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2018 System Dynamics Applications Award

Steve Peterson and a Lexidyne client team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) were recently awarded the 2018 System Dynamics Applications Award.
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