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Data can be extremely powerful when analyzed and visualized to create understanding and direction. The Lexidyne team helps clients format, analyze, and communicate key findings from multiple data sources. We take disparate data, convert it to a usable database format, query the data to extract useful business intelligence, and create visualizations that expose the strategic insights gained from our analyses.

Increasingly complex datasets require advanced techniques for data maneuverability and visualization that leverages individual content effectively. Lexidyne uses state-of-the-art tools that allow our clients to change assumptions and interact with their data to extract actionable insights.

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System Dynamics of Polysilicon for Solar Photovoltaics: A Framework for Investigating the Energy Security of Renewable Energy Supply Chains

Corey Peck and Steve Peterson's work in applying system dynamics to global trade in polysilicon for solar photovoltaics in order to investigate the energy security of renewable energy supply chains was recently publish in Sustainability (January 2018).
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