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Dana Stright

Senior Data Analyst

Dana Stright has a background in the geosciences combined with many years of experience in computer science. Her area of expertise includes visual analytics, data analysis, database administration and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Dana is a Tableau software expert, which is an interactive and dynamic business intelligence tool for data analysis. She has been using ArcGIS since its first release and is also proficient in a variety of other software packages. Dana utilizes Structured Query Language (SQL) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) amongst other programming languages. She has a depth of knowledge in the administration, design and management of database systems and structures.
She has developed and utilized tools that automate the flow of inputs and outputs between database systems and System Dynamics models. Dana has a deep understanding of the data process and uses this knowledge to collaborate with team members to support process efficiency and data quality. In addition, her recent work included creating a 3D model grid in ArcGIS and blending the grid with reservoir simulation and geoscience data into a 3D GIS model.

Dana has a Bachelor's of Science in Land Use from Metro State University and has completed graduated courses in GIS at the University of Denver.

Dana enjoys spending time with her family and friends, has a love of the outdoors and in her free time likes to read, cook and play ice hockey.

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