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Emily Hueni

Data Analyst

Emily Hueni joined the Lexidyne team in 2015 as a GIS specialist and data analyst. Prior to Lexidyne, Emily worked in the fields of geospatial sciences and data management. She has expertise with GIS software packages such as ArcGIS and Quantum GIS, which she uses to manipulate and process geographic data, model spatial relationships, and perform complex analysis on large geo-datasets. Emily also has experience in relational database design, implementation, and maintenance. Skills that are enhanced by her fluency in programing languages – including Python and SQL – that allow her to manipulate large datasets and streamline/automate various workflows. In addition to data analysis, Emily is well-versed in enhancing datasets with informative and aesthetically appealing visuals. Past projects include exploring the interplay of information using thematic maps, creating web-based maps that allow the end-user to interact with the data, and developing dashboards that display trends across one or more tables of interest (using Tableau software).

Emily's educational background includes a certificate in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Denver and a Bachelors Degree in Lands Use from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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National Economic Value Assessment of Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Work performed by Lexidyne's Dana Stright was recently published in "National Economic Value Assessment of Plug-In Electric Vehicles".
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