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Jason Valant

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The Jay Wright Forrester Award recognizes the authors of the best contribution to the field of system dynamics in the preceding five years. In 2010, Jason Valant of Lexidyne, LLC was honored to receive the award as a co-author of Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies: Simulating Patient Flow and Portfolio Dynamics 2nd Edition.

Jason is a recognized industry leader in Dynamic Modeling and has been a practitioner in the field for nearly 20 years. He is an expert in numerous model-building software packages and is highly regarded for his model building, data analysis, and project dissemination skills, using both system dynamics and an agent based approach. He has used his expertise with a number of top pharmaceutical and biotech companies and has been instrumental in developing the forecast for one of the largest biological treatments in the world. In addition to forecasting, he has extensive experience creating patient flow simulations, health economic outcomes models, oncology simulations, and payer influence models. He also has comprehensive experience with data analysis techniques for examining longitudinal patient dynamics.

Jason also specializes in the application of the Dynamic Modeling approach to issues of economic development and workforce planning most recently using an agent based modeling approach.

In addition to his simulation, modeling, and data analysis expertise, Jason also has wide-ranging operations and management consulting experience. He has been involved in numerous engagements implementing an effective execution model, which is a system focused on achieving business plans on time and on budget. The approach incorporates a method where goals are aligned from top to bottom within the company, commitments are made, and accountabilities enforced. This process provides the foundation to plan consistently for value growth of the organization.

Jason holds a BA, cum laude, in Economics from The Colorado College. His strong educational background in business analytics includes studies in economics, system dynamics, finance, accounting, and statistics.

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2018 System Dynamics Applications Award

Steve Peterson and a Lexidyne client team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) were recently awarded the 2018 System Dynamics Applications Award.
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