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Jessa Karlberg

Director of Software Development

Jessa works as a software architect and engineer at Lexidyne, developing discrete-event and agent-based simulations of dynamic systems and marketplaces. These simulations help develop understanding surrounding the key drivers and dynamics that define complex systems as well as predicting the development and transformation of such systems over time. In addition to modeling, Jessa works on other software development projects including the development of proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.

She also works extensively with data, managing databases and performing analysis on multi-terabyte data sets to create key simulation inputs as well as generate strategic insights into the performance of existing systems. She produces high-level data conceptualizations that facilitate team communication and insight development by presenting critical information in intuitive and elegant visualizations.

Jessa hold a BA, magna cum laude, in computer science with a minor in physics, from Colorado College.

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National Economic Value Assessment of Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Work performed by Lexidyne's Dana Stright was recently published in "National Economic Value Assessment of Plug-In Electric Vehicles".
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