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Olivia Chandrasekhar

Data Analyst

Olivia joined the Lexidyne team in summer 2017 as a data analyst.

She assists in designing Lexidyne's agent-based simulations, as well as analyzing multi-terabyte data sets and conducting literature reviews to populate these models with data. Additionally, she interprets model results and creates clear visual tools presenting the resulting data in a manner relevant to each client's needs. She has also worked on the mathematical underpinnings of an artificial neural network to enhance Lexidyne's forecasting capabilities.

In her free time, Olivia enjoys climbing and spending time in Colorado's wild places.

Olivia has a bachelor's degree with distinction in Mathematics, cum laude, from The Colorado College.

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System Dynamics of Polysilicon for Solar Photovoltaics: A Framework for Investigating the Energy Security of Renewable Energy Supply Chains

Corey Peck and Steve Peterson's work in applying system dynamics to global trade in polysilicon for solar photovoltaics in order to investigate the energy security of renewable energy supply chains was recently publish in Sustainability (January 2018).
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