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Robert Malone

Director of Business Analytics

Robert joined the Lexidyne team as an intern in 2018, and after completing his undergrad degree joined full time. Robert brings a unique perspective to addressing challenged faced by Lexidyne clients, and is excited to help Lexidyne grow and create impactful models for the everchanging world we live in.

A Colorado native, Robert studied Computer Science at Colorado College while playing Division III soccer. He is active in the outdoors, and has a passion for skiing. He is just beginning his adventure into the realm of backcountry skiing and mountaineering.

Robert is most interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He hopes to bring new ideas to this field, and develop models with AI to better predict and analyze the world we live in today.

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2018 System Dynamics Applications Award

Steve Peterson and a Lexidyne client team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) were recently awarded the 2018 System Dynamics Applications Award.
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