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Work by Lexidyne team members has recently been published in Taylor and Francis Online and at the American Psychological Association's 2015 convention in Toronto.

Lexidyne principals Corey Peck and Steve Peterson were co-authors of "Potential leverage points for development of the cellulosic ethanol industry supply chain" in the May 2015 issue of Biofuels. Building on their work modeling the biofuel industry using System Dynamics at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, their article describes model-based insights into potential incentives that are aimed at stimulating industry growth while tempering overall incentive-related government expenditures.

Lexidyne principals Kirk Solo and Jason Valant co-authored "Characterization of Binge Eating Behavior In Individuals With Binge Eating Disorder in a US Adult Population," which was presented at the 168th Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association. The poster utilized results from Lexidyne's data analysis of patient survey data to provide insight into a little-known disease area.

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2018 System Dynamics Applications Award

Steve Peterson and a Lexidyne client team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) were recently awarded the 2018 System Dynamics Applications Award.
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